We are your charming neighborhood cafe serving simple food with our very own twists. At Corner Kitchen Cafe, we always start off with the freshest ingredients and it is not hard to get everything on our menu to taste delicious. It is a kind of home cooking really. We want our guests to enjoy dining with us every day, so we kept that in mind while creating our menus. We try to sneak in lots of nutritious ingredients in our wraps and salads to make sure that you will get that extra boost for your day. We hope to be the kitchen away from home that you will feel good coming to time and time again.

A neighborhood-kinda-place. Situated right across from the old school Hollywood park on Hollywood road in Sheung wan, we invite you to drop in, grab a cup of our awesome coffee, relax & reclaim your day while enjoying the simplicity of healthy and wholesome food (and our awesome green view) at your own pace. We welcome you to Corner Kitchen Cafe.

Who we Are

We are available for private events!

With open plan, airy setting and an expansive view of the lush green Hollywood park complete with its charming Chinese pagodas, our charming cafe is a lovely spot for a private gathering. We can cater up to 50 persons for a private cocktail party, starting from just $295 per person or $6000 minimum charge.

Want to host an event at a REAL Private Kitchen?

Our mother company the Corner Kitchen is the real deal and has been hosting the most discreet private parties since 2007. It is a truly charming private kitchen in Sheung Wan (located just around the corner from us actually on New Street) where you can either have a private dining experience and enjoy the entire venue to yourselves with your own private Chefs catering exclusively to your needs or host an exhilarating hands-on culinary experience for your family, friends and co-workers alike cooking like a chef, minus the heat, in our sleek professional kitchen.

Visit corner-kitchen.com or email us at cafe@corner-kitchen.com with your inquiry and our event manager will be happy to assist you.